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Hall Electronics
(434) 984-4255
706 Rose Hill Dr
Charlottesville, VA
Batteries Central
(434) 977-0937
946 Grady Ave
Charlottesville, VA
N & J Locksmiths
(434) 973-7006
1600 Rio Rd E
Charlottesville, VA
Digi Tel Communications Llc
(434) 975-3555
979 Seminole Trl
Charlottesville, VA
N Telos
(434) 244-0078
1962 Abbey Rd
Charlottesville, VA
AT&T Mobility
(434) 242-8900
1252 Emmett St
Charlottesville, VA

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(434) 973-6332
1807 Seminole Trl Ste 101
Charlottesville, VA
Everything Mobile
(434) 817-8282
697 Berkmar Cir
Charlottesville, VA
One Stop Cellular
(434) 973-9674
1600 Rio Rd E
Charlottesville, VA
Cellular Express
(434) 971-7691
302 Pantops Ctr
Charlottesville, VA
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iPhone OS 3.1.2 Report & Tips

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You may have already thought of upgrading to the latest iPhone OS version, 3.1.2.

I myself have completely skipped version 3.1 released in September because both of the bug reports (see for example THIS ) and the problems I faced during trying to upgrade on both my iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S.

Now that the (otherwise, not very good) third-party browser BOLT (not to be mistaken for Bitstream’s excellent, Java-based browser on other, Java-enabled mobile platforms!), with the latest version, stopped supporting operating systems prior to 3.1 and the bugfix version, 3.1.2, was released (along with a reliable way of jailbroking it), I found it, at last, necessary to upgrade.

As far as the OS 3.1 iPhone 3G Voice Memos problem is concerned, it’s still not fixed for the 3G (as is both reported HERE and tested by me). While the recordings in the 3G S are unlimited (I’ve tested with a 2:10 recording), not so with the 3G. I don’t know whether it’s an oversight, or Apple introduced this bug to force present 3G users to switch to the 3G S. (Many say OS 3 runs definitely slower on the previous-generation iPhones and iPod touches so that Apple can force more people to switch.) I don’t know whether this is true.

The new, 3.1 version (strictly for 3G S users) has also introduced voice control support for Bluetooth headsets (both traditional mono and stereo ones). This, unfortunately, has also some consequences: one of the stereo headphones (the Plantronics Pulsar 590) I’ve tested has become completely useless under the new operating system version as is also explained HERE . Unfortunately, the Gear4 BluPhones have lost their ability to initiate calls on both models. The same has happened to most? all? the Motorola stereo headphones I know – the HT820 and the S9 / S9-HD on the 3G S (but not on the 3G).

If, for some reason, you don’t want to lose the ability to use these headphones (o...

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